Hi there, I'm Deb!

I'm a teacher, speaker, and transformational coach. My talks, seasoned with personal experiences, focus on human potential.

I love helping people unblock fear, unblock their limiting beliefs, unblock their unconscious programming that’s told them that they’re not good enough, or that they don’t know what they’re doing, or that if you’re hugely successful, it’s scary.

With simplicity and humour, I guide people to shift negativity and transform. Through coaching, I promote adaptability and improved self-communication, enabling a life filled with joy, harmony, and inner peace.

Now here's a little backstory of my own transformation journey.

I never really knew where I was supposed to fit in. Born multi-racial, multi-cultural as a New Zealand Maori, I always felt like I had something to prove. I spent the majority of my life chasing results, pleasing people, and figuring “it” out. I thought that to be happy, I needed to be a high achiever, follow the linear path, make money to eventually buy a family home, and live happily ever after. I was just staying busy to run away from my own feelings. This quickly morphed into extreme control, anxiety, wiped out adrenals, and burnout. 

My energy was sapped, and the toll on my marriage was undeniable. Then came a pivotal moment. A courageous coach confronted me with a harsh truth: if my controlling tendencies persisted, I risked losing the love of my life. It was a sobering wake-up call, forcing me to confront my role in my own life.

This experience sparked a profound transformation, one that compelled me to take full responsibility for my actions and my well-being. It set me on a new journey towards understanding, healing, and helping others do the same.

Through this personal awakening, I discovered a newfound purpose in helping others face their own truths and overcome their deepest challenges. I realized that our greatest obstacles can be transformed into our most valuable allies. This awakening allowed me to shift from chasing results to embracing the present moment with my husband and two beautiful children at my side.

Today, as a coach and speaker, I guide individuals and groups toward their own awakenings, helping them break free from limiting beliefs, find authentic connection, and create lives of purpose and fulfillment. My mission is to illuminate the path to self-discovery and empower others to embrace their unique journeys with confidence and grace.  


Here are some fun facts
about me!


I’m obsessed with my four-legged spoodle dog, Tui, who’s been my guide to letting go of perfectionism.


I start my day in nature every morning with a morning walk with hubby and Tui, before my first coffee!


I’m an introvert at heart who is secretly relieved when plans for a night out are cancelled.

Kind words from clients